What Is Social Security Disability And Denied Benefits?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), pays a monthly benefit to a person if they become disabled before the age of retirement and the disability keeps them from working. This benefit is sometimes referred to as “workers’ disability.” If you are younger than retirement age and you have become disabled and unable to work, you may qualify for SSDI. You can determine this eligibility and/or start the application process by talking to a Mankato Social Security attorney as soon as possible.

Determining SSDI Eligibility

To qualify for SSDI benefits, you have to work a certain number of years and paid either federal income tax or self-employment taxes. This is converted into work credits and you have to earn a certain number of credits in order to qualify for benefits. For those that haven’t worked long enough, you can apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

How many work credits you need to qualify for SSDI depends on how old you are at the time of disability. For instance, if you are 50 years old and become disabled, you have to have 28 work credits. In other words, you need to have worked for at least 7 years and five of those years must be within the past 10 years.

Your medical condition must also meet the Social Security Administration’s guidelines for a disability. Only those with a total, long-term disability are eligible for benefits. The disability must prevent a person from being able to carry out basic work-related responsibilities. Long-term means that the condition must last at least a year.

Receiving The Benefits You Deserve

When approved for benefits, you won’t receive any benefits until you have been disabled for five months. If you are approved immediately, you still have to wait five months for your first check to arrive.

However, it is likely that you won’t see an approval for around six to 12 months. In that case, you would get paid backpay that starts with the sixth month of disability. After receiving the backpay payment, you receive a check every month for a specified amount. If the household income is over a certain amount, it is possible to have to pay taxes on SSDI benefits. It is possible for some family members, particularly minors, to be eligible for a partial monthly benefit. As for your benefits, you continue receiving them for as long as your medical condition prevents you from working. The Social Security Administration will perform a review every three years to determine whether or not the condition has improved.

Prompt Appeal of Denials

Most initial SSDI applications are denied. Fortunately, you can appeal the decision by requesting a review of the denial within 60 days of when you receive notice of denial. You want to have a Mankato Social Security attorney helping you ever step of the way so that you can receive your approval. Your attorney will file the request for review. If denied again, you can appeal again by requesting a hearing with a judge who works with the Social Security Administration. The longer it takes to receive approval for benefits, the more backpay you will receive when approved.

Contact A Mankato Social Security Attorney

When you are permanently disabled, you need a way to make ends meet. Social Security Disability is one of those ways. When benefits are denied, frustration can mount. Fortunately, you have experienced attorneys ready to take your case and fight for the benefits that you need. To learn more about your rights and options, call Harvey & Carpenter at 507-779-7529 to request a free consultation.