Work Comp Settlement

“Chris Carpenter and I met and he listened to what I had to say about my injury. He told me what he would do to help me and we began my case. He was on top of all my information and when I had a question he would answer it or find the answer… [read more]

Social Security Win

Some very good news and some not so. My attorney Ruth Harvey was so good that she won my Social Security Disability case with her brief. I won my case and with the best possible outcome. The not so good news is that the Doctors agree my medical conditions are real and worse than… [read more]

Injury Relief

I was injured at work in November 2014. I thought I had no avenue for relief until I contacted Attorney Carpenter. He successfully negotiated a settlement, which was far more than I thought I could receive. I’m so thankful to Attorney James Carpenter for helping me receive justice. “William” [read more]