Social Security Disability

When you are unable to work or carry out everyday tasks because of a disability, life becomes stressful. Without being able to work, you can’t earn a wage. Without a wage, you can’t pay your living expenses. This is where Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) comes in and where your Mankato Social Security Disability attorney can help you.

If you have been injured to the point of permanent disability, you may be able to apply for SSDI. One of our attorneys will review the specifics of your case to determine whether or not you can file. If you can, you will receive the necessary assistance with your application to ensure it is as thorough as possible.

Expert Legal Representation

Even the most seemingly accurate applications can be denied. As a matter of fact, over 70% of SSDI applications are denied the first time they are filed. This is due to certain complexities that exist within the Social Security System. It is mysterious in ways. Having an attorney helps you increase the chances that you will be among the 30% of people initially approved. Even if you aren’t for any reason, an appeal can be filed so that you can receive what you need.

If you are having a hard time working due to a physical or mental disability, talk to your attorney as soon as possible to determine if you qualify for Social Security Benefits.  An examination of your current condition and medical history are two of the ways to determine eligibility. It may also be possible to have to undergo more medical tests under the order of the Social Security Administration. They will pay for the tests. Your attorney may also want you to be examined by other physicians to strengthen your claim. This is time-consuming, but can be well worth it in the end.

Securing The Benefits You Deserve

When approved, the benefits you receive are based on income. A certain formula is used to determine the amount. The same formula is used to determine the benefits for disabled adult children using the Social Security contributions of the parents. Benefits awarded to widows and widowers are calculated based on the Social Security contributions made by their spouse.

To determine if you are qualified for SSDI, the following requirements must be met:

  • You must have paid self-employment taxes or federal income tax
  • Your work history must meet the time minimum, depending on your age
  • You must have a serious mental or physical disability listed in the adult or child impairments (qualifying disability)
  • Your disability must prevent you from earning a livable wage
  • Your disability must be documented by your doctor(s)
  • Your disability must have lasted or it must be expected to last more than a year
  • If you work, you are not allowed to earn a certain amount of money

Qualifying disabilities include musculoskeletal disabilities, sense and speech disabilities, respiratory disabilities, cardiovascular disabilities, kidney disease, cardiovascular disabilities, hematological disabilities, skin disorders, endocrine disabilities, Neurological disabilities, immune system disabilities, cancer, and mental disabilities. There are individual conditions that fall within each one of these categories.

Contact A Mankato Social Security Disability Attorney

At Harvey & Carpenter, we want to help you in every way possible. We will provide you with the assistance you need in making your claim. If you’re turned down, we will work on a strong appeal for you so you can receive your benefits as soon as possible. We want to see you move forward with your life. To learn more, call Harvey & Carpenter at 507-779-7529 to schedule a free consultation.