Social Security Disability Benefits: What Disabled Minnesota Workers Need to Know

Men in hard hatsBeing injured and unable to work can be a huge financial blow, so most people seek Social Security disability benefits. Often, disabled workers need help in wading through all the “red tape” that’s involved in the application process. What’s more, they especially need legal assistance if their claims are denied. If you have a disability and can’t work anymore, here is what you need to know about Social Security disability benefits in Minnesota. 

Medical Conditions Listed in the Blue Book

The Social Security Administration uses a manual, called “the blue book”. This book lists a wide range of physical and mental impairments that are considered disabilities for granting people eligibility for Social Security disability benefits.

The conditions listed in the 2016 blue book include cardiovascular problems, musculoskeletal conditions, respiratory diseases, speech and senses issues, immune system conditions, digestive tract issues, kidney disease, genitourinary problems, cancers, neurological conditions, hematological disorders, various types of syndromes and mental disorders.

Consider that a condition doesn’t have to match a listing requirement for a specific condition or illness to be granted disability benefits. If a condition is medically comparable to a listing, it’s called an “equaling a disability listing.”

Steps Involved in Getting SSDI

Three main steps are involved in obtaining eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). First, you need to complete an application, which includes an Adult Disability Report. Next, the Social Security Administration (SSA) determines if you’re considered medically disabled, which is known as “Determination of Disability.”

The next step is having your earnings record reviewed by Social Security. This is done to see if you have worked and paid enough money in Social Security taxes in order to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. In other words, Social Security goes over your work history.

What Happens If Your Claim is Denied?

If your disability claim is denied, you can appeal the denial. However, there’s a good chance you won’t be successful as the appeal rate in Minnesota is only 8.8 percent. This low approval rate is because reconsideration appeals are sent back to be reviewed at the same department. Although your disability claim may be reviewed by another examiner, the chances are high that the results will be the same. Keep in mind that a second examiner abides by the same rigid guidelines that an original examiner uses.

An experienced disability attorney knows how to increase the odds of a client succeeding at the initial application process. These legal specialists can help you properly fill out an application, collect pertinent medical evidence for your case and perform other jobs needed for winning a claim.

Considerations and Warnings

  • A disability doesn’t always have to be listed in the blue book in order to be awarded benefits. For example, if your migraine headaches are so severe that you can’t work, you could still obtain disability benefits if your claim is well documented, proving that you can’t perform your job on a full-time basis.
  • If gaps are found in your medical treatment history, your claim for SSDI may be denied. That’s why it’s critical that you have the right medical records.
  • Doctors usually respond quicker when attorneys ask for medical records. Also, disability lawyers can ask the SSA to set up physical or psychological examinations for their clients.
  • To qualify as disabled, your case must go through a five-step checklist. Your condition has to be long-term or last for longer than 12 months. Your disability must prevent you from continuing to do the work you did, as well as prevent you from changing careers.
  • After applying for Social Security disability benefits in Minnesota, expect to wait about three to four month before you’re notified as to whether or not you’ve been approved.

It’s easy for disabled workers to become overwhelmed with all that’s involved in the application process. When you use a highly experienced Minnesota Social Security disability attorney, you’ll have a better chance of having your disability claim being accepted. Our legal specialists at Chesley, Harvey and Carpenter do everything that’s needed for winning a claim. Please contact us and learn how our Mankato, Minnesota workers’ compensation law firm can help you.

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