Repetitive Stress Injuries

Repetitive stress injuries can result from repetitive manual work. When performing the same motion over and over, it takes its toll on the body. You could experience chronic pain and disability that could interfere with your ability to work or perform daily tasks. Carpal tunnel is a good example of a repetitive stress injury that can interfere with everyday living. Fortunately, your southern Minnesota work comp lawyer can help you with a workers’ comp claim that can get you the benefits you need while you recover from your injury.

At Harvey & Carpenter, we have helped many people suffering from repetitive stress injuries successfully file workers’ comp claims that resulted in benefits. Once benefits are received and recovery is realized, many workers are able to return to work earning a meaningful wage.

Experience With Common Repetitive Stress Injuries

There are some common types of repetitive stress, or repetitive motion, injuries. They develop over time. This means that stress on the affected part of the body could exist long before beginning a job. However, the job can worsen the damage that has already been done. This can still qualify a person for workers’ compensation benefits.

Some of the most common types of repetitive motion injuries include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis

Repetitive stress injuries can happen to the arms, shoulders, knees, ankles, and even the back. The pain can make it impossible to do certain work tasks and even do everyday tasks. The good news is that there are treatments available for different types of repetitive stress injuries. Some people recover completely.

Maximizing Your Compensation

At Harvey & Carpenter, we understand the need that you are facing. We know that you are in pain and that you want to get back to work so you can get back to life. We will work hard to secure approval as soon as possible. However, we won’t do anything that will sacrifice the dollar amount of your claim. We want to make sure that you receive every amount of compensation that you deserve. If your initial claim is denied, as approximately 70 percent of them are, we will work hard in the appeals process to try and ensure you don’t have to see a denial again.

Contact A Southern Minnesota Work Comp Lawyer

Repetitive stress injuries are among the most common work-related injuries that a person can develop. It is an injury that forms over time and it can be serious. Fortunately, you can file a workers’ comp claim on the injury so that you can recover and return back to work. If you are suffering from carpal tunnel or any other repetitive stress injury, contact Harvey & Carpenter at 507-779-7529 to request your free consultation.