Minnesota Workplace Injuries: Important Steps for Victims to Take

Besides causing physical and mental pain, workplace injuries can also create huge financial difficulties. Work-related injuries, which are conditions that are caused by employment activities, can cause immediate trauma or appear gradually. They also can be occupational illnesses. Here are a few of the most common types of workplace injuries in Minnesota, along with what you should do if you’re a victim.

Common Workplace Injuries

There are several types of workplace injuries. Falls are one of the main ways that employees are hurt on the job. For example, often workers fall on same level surfaces, such as slipping on wet office floors. Older workers are particularly at risk for falling on pathways covered with snow or ice when walking to a workplace. Employees can also fall to lower levels, such as falling from ladders, roofs and stairways.

One of the most common workplace injuries in Southern Minnesota is caused from being exposed to particular toxic substances and chemicals. When this occurs, an injured worker is entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. In fact, when a claim is filed, the employer doesn’t even have to show proof that the employer was at fault.

Overexertion is another common workplace injury. This is because it’s easy for workers to overly exert themselves when their job requires excessive carrying, holding, pushing and lifting.

Being struck by an object is considered a workplace injury, such as when an employee is injured from objects falling from shelves. Sometimes workers are injured from crashing into a wall, cabinet, glass windows or other obstructions.

Machine entanglement or crushing can cause severe injuries or even death. Electrocution sometimes occurs in workplaces. There are injuries caused by repetitive motions that can be quite severe. Violent attacks can be the result of arguments at work or over office policies. What’s more, some workers are injured from highway accidents that occur in vehicles used for work purposes.

Steps to Take If You’re Injured in a Minnesota Workplace

If you’ve been injured, you need to take certain steps. First of all, immediately tell your employer what happened because there are deadlines for reporting a workplace injury to an employer in Minnesota. Procrastination can mean that your claim could be denied. You should report your injury within 14 days after it occurred for your notice to be considered on time.

Be sure to save all copies of letters, documents, forms, medical bills and benefit checks that are linked to your claim. Keep all notes of telephone conversations, including the names of people with whom you’ve spoken to, as well as the dates of the conversations.

Track mileages and save copies of parking fees for all medical visits and vocational rehabilitation treatments. This includes any trips made to a job site where the injury occurred.

Be sure your name, date of injury, Social Security number, insurance company and employer are on all forms and papers that are mailed to the Safety and Workers’ Compensation Division.

Considerations and Warnings

  • Don’t worry about being fired from reporting a work injury. Keep in mind that under Minnesota law employees are allowed to sue their employers for damages if their employers fire them or even threaten to do so. This also applies to an employer trying to block an employee from getting benefits for workers’ compensation.
  • In some cases, a third party is involved in workplace injuries, such as a worker being injured by a defective product at work. Another example is a worker being hurt by a third party at the worker’s job-site. When this occurs, the employer of the third party can be held responsible. 

How a Workers Compensation Lawyer Can Help

A workers’ compensation lawyer can determine if you’re qualified to receive compensation as some injuries aren’t covered under workers’ comp. Your lawyer can ensure that your claim is correctly filed. This is important because there can be several sets of forms and laws that have certain requirements.

Furthermore, your workers’ comp attorney can handle appeals if your claim is denied, assisting you throughout every step of the process. Sometimes lawsuits need to be filed, so a good lawyer is needed to secure the rightful compensation for injuries.

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