Minnesota Work Injuries: What Happens if You Sustain a Head Injury?

head injuryIf you’ve ever known someone with a serious head injury, you realize how life-changing it is. From the boy who gets pegged in the head by a soccer ball to the lineman who falls from a telephone pole, a head injury takes things to another level: sometimes a traumatic brain injury. This kind of injury affects a person’s entire way of life, often presenting temporary or lasting complaints. A patient can be left feeling that it is impossible to recover. What’s even more heartbreaking is that some head injuries produce permanent damage, from which a person might never fully regain all functions. While the brain is an amazing organ that can assume some functions that have been lost, this game is serious. Here, we consider the importance of finding the best attorney for Minnesota work injuries, but especially serious injuries to the brain.

The Head Injury Explained

There are many kinds of head injuries, from a simple concussion with symptoms that resolve after a few days to traumatic brain injuries. Often, doctors give families an assessment of the immediate damage, but they cannot predict with any certainty the lasting effects of the event. Doctors know that the human brain will recover in its own time, and they don’t want to give a victim’s loved ones false despair or hope. Time reveals the extent of a head injury. A patient could lose her memory and the brain functions that control the body’s systems. The best hope is for an injured brain to recover without sustaining further trauma. While a patient’s loved ones wait, they want answers. They want someone to pay for the effects of the brain injury. The medical bills can be devastating, sometimes causing permanent economic damage to a victim’s family.

The Need for Aggressive and Responsible Representation

You and your injured loved one are not alone in this difficult time. A workplace injury in Minnesota is a serious matter. We’re here to help you find a person or an organization responsible for the medical damages, pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life that occurred. The employer isn’t always the only party that may provide medical benefits to the victim. If the head injury was not a victim’s fault, we seek the parties who should pay damages, whether through a settlement or a favorable court verdict. We understand how to navigate the Minnesota legal system and to explain the issues in terms that clients understand.

The Long Road Ahead

The days and weeks following a serious Minnesota workplace accident are crucial. These are times when a patient’s recovery begins and when the facts should come to light. In some cases, serious investigations must occur in rapid fashion, or the information will be lost forever. It is not always obvious who was at fault or what type of negligence was involved in a head injury case. As qualified legal experts, we know how hard it is to prove a case in the current legal environment. Often, it feels like the burden of proof is on the injured person.

The Argument

A head injury victim can use legal advisors to make a reasonable argument for why the responsible parties must pay damages. Insurance companies are in the business to pay out as little as possible per claim, even in serious injury cases. We take that reality as a given and set out to construct a client’s case based on verifiable facts. We document all of the medical bills, lost wages, and other costs of the injury, which may be temporary, permanent, or even fatal. We want to accurately account for all effects of the event and to seek justice for your loved one. Our aggressive representation could bring results, including financial relief for your family, but there’s no guarantee. Ethically, attorneys must never promise you any level of compensation for damages resulting from a personal injury.

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