Medical Treatment Denied

Injured workers have a right to medical treatment, but these rights are quite broad. This can make getting some kinds of care rather difficult even if they are reasonable and necessary. Under Minnesota’s workers’ compensation system, medical providers must provide medical treatment that is “reasonable and necessary.” In other words, it has to be evidence-based treatment. If it isn’t evidence-based treatment, then coverage for that treatment can be turned down. If it is evidence-based and it has been turned down, you can sometimes make a few calls and get it taken care of. You can also talk to your Mankato workers’ compensation attorney about the denial so you can receive the help you need.

Navigating Complex Medical Treatment Guidelines

One reason why it is important to contact your attorney at Harvey & Carpenter is because there are complex guidelines that provide the details on which treatments are effective for specific work-related injuries. Everything from the frequency of treatment to intensity and duration is covered within these guidelines. Your attorney has an understanding of these guidelines that can help you when medical treatment has been denied.

Keep in mind, however, that a treatment that is not scientifically proven to work for your injury will most likely not be approved. The guidelines are strict and they can be difficult to keep track of.

Protecting Your Rights

An injured worker’s rights to medical treatment have been made rather clear in Minnesota. If you have questions about treatment, you can ask your medical professional. You can also ask your Mankato workers’ compensation attorney any time you have doubts. If your right to medical treatment is violated, then your attorney can intervene on your behalf to determine why and what needs to be done to ensure you are afforded the treatment that you need. Sometimes the treatment plan requires a review so that it can be determined whether or not a treatment recommended by a doctor should be approved.

There is also the fact that rights to medical treatment can be affected if you must see a managed care provider. This is an area where you and your attorney will need to remain vigilant. This is because the doctors may claim to specialize in work-related injuries, but their specialty may not be as involved as they claim. Regardless, there are ways to ensure that you receive the care that you are entitled to.

Contact A Mankato Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Under workers’ comp, you are afforded different types of medical treatment. In fact, you are entitled to treatment that is reasonable and necessary. Unfortunately, there are times that medical treatment is denied, including “reasonable and necessary” treatment. If you are denied treatment, it is important to talk to your attorney as soon as possible. To learn more about how Harvey & Carpenter can help you, call 507-779-7529 to request a free consultation.