Workers’ Comp Claims in Minnesota are Dropping

The number of annual workers’ compensation claims in Minnesota have been dropping for a while, according to the State labor and Industry Commissioner. He says that there were 96,000 workers’ comp injuries in 2014. That was a major decline compared to the 176,000 claims made in 2007.

Better technology and training practices are credited with this decline, as both employers and their workers are increasing awareness and exercising better safety. However, construction sites remain the most dangerous workplaces in Minnesota, but even this industry has become safer than it used to be. In fact, Minnesota construction sites appear to be much safer than those in many other states.

Looking at this a little more in-depth, employers are looking for ways to cut their costs. They have to carry workers’ compensation as it is, but they hold a responsibility for the medical treatment that is given to their injured workers.

But reducing the number of workplace accidents goes much further than the cost of workers’ compensation, but extends to the cost of manpower.

When a worker is injured on the job, that is a person removed from the line of production. This puts much more work on the other workers. This can lead to worker fatigue and ultimately cause some to leave the job for another. This places more strain on the staff.

If the employer has to hire someone to fill the void in manpower, there is a cost for drug testing, a background check, and the training of the employee. They may not bring the experience to the job that the injured employee did. Even if the employee is hired on a temporary basis until the injured employee returns to work, it can cost the business thousands of dollars.

By keeping the proper safety equipment in place, properly training employees, and taking more precautions in the workplace, Minnesota businesses are reducing injuries. They have realized the value in implementing better practices in the business versus the cost of losing manpower due to injury.

Being that the injury rate in Minnesota has declined over the past 9 years, it is expected to continue to decrease as technology improves even more and as employers find innovative ways to make their workplaces safer for their employees.

Employers are saving thousands of dollars per potentially injured employee and they are now seeing that effect on their bottom lines.

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