Heart Diseases

A number of injuries and illnesses can be contracted on the job, including heart disease. Not a lot is known about occupational heart disease, but what is known is that it is serious. So far, it has been realized that a few toxins that are occupationally encountered can have an impact on the heart. Carbon disulfide, carbon monoxide, and nitroglycerin are among those toxins. If you have been exposed to any of these and you have heart disease, you may have a workers’ compensation claim. It is important to speak to your Mankato workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible about your condition and what you were exposed to at work.

We Help Prove Occupational Heart Disease

Carbon monoxide is the most common toxic substance that workers come into contact on the job. However, it is also commonly found in the environment. This fact is what makes it more important to call an attorney as soon as you can after realizing you have heart disease. A connection must be made between the disease and your occupation, whether the occupation is current or if it is one of the past.

It is by making that connection and proving it that your Mankato workers’ compensation lawyer can build a strong claim. The stronger the claim, the more likely it is to be approved initially. Even if it is denied, as most initial claims are, the decision can be appealed so you can acquire the benefits you need.

Representation That Focuses On You

You may also be surprised to know that a connection has been found between occupational noise and increased blood pressure. Of course, prolonged hypertension can cause heart disease. Shift work can also disrupt circadian rhythms, which has been linked to heart disease. There are many possibilities and you can count on your attorney finding the links between what you are suffering and your job so that you can receive the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

Being that your heart condition may cause you to not be able to return to work, you may need long-term disability as you try and live the highest quality of life possible. If you can return to work, you can receive the wage replacement, medical, and vocational training benefits you need to do just that and we will help you along every step of the way.

Contact A Mankato Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Some heart diseases can be occupation-related and these conditions can be life-threatening. The severe nature of these diseases means that those that develop them may not be able to return to work. Regardless of whether or not you can return to work, an occupational disease warrants the filing of a workers’ comp claim. If you need to file a claim or you have had a claim denied, Harvey & Carpenter can help you. Call today at 507-779-7529 to request a free consultation.