Common Types of Workers Compensation Injures in Southern Minnesota

Thousands of Minnesota workers are injured on the job every year and file a workers’ compensation insurance claim.  This kind of insurance, required by all employers, is designed to help workers recover from work-related injuries. Workers’ compensation benefits usually cover medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitation services.  Minnesota also offers a death benefit for dependents of employees killed on the job.

Some employment-related injuries occur more frequently than others.  Here are the top types of workers compensation injures in southern Minnesota.


Year after year, overexertion is the top workers’ compensation injury. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, sprains and strains account for 25% of all claims and occur when an employee pushes, lifts, pulls, holds or carries materials that forces a joint or muscle to move beyond its ordinary range of motion. This kind of injury is found most often in construction jobs, manufacturing jobs and other jobs that involve physical labor.

Falling from a High Level to a Lower Level

These kinds of falls result in cuts, contusions, dislocated joints, brain injuries, skull fractures, broken bones and more.  They happen most often when a worker falls off a ladder, falls down a flight of stairs or falls off a roof.  Although these injuries can occur anywhere, they happen most often on construction sites, on factory floors and in warehouses.

Slipping, Tripping and Falling

Also known as slipping and falling on the same level, this kind of event can result in contusions, lacerations, concussions, broken bones and more.  The most common slip and fall accidents happen on freshly mopped floors, on floors where something has spilled and on snowy and icy sidewalks.

Being Hit by an Object

This kind of accident involves being struck by materials or supplies and usually happens when these objects fall off a shelf, roof or other high place.  It can also involve colliding with an object, such as a forklift or truck.  Resulting injuries include fractured bones, cuts, contusions, punctures, dislocated joints and more.

Hitting an Object

These accidents occur when a worker accidentally collides with an object, such as running into a door, a bookcase, a cabinet, a handrail or a piece of equipment. Resulting injuries can include lacerations, contusions and concussions.

Working with Machinery

Construction workers, manufacturing workers and rail yard workers face job hazards that employees in most other professions do not.  One of these hazards is working with large, dangerous machines, such as forklifts, earth movers, trucks, excavators, punch presses, assembly machines and others.  Accidents involving these pieces of equipment can lead to crushed limbs, amputated limbs, broken bones and more.

Incurring an Injury Over Time

This kind of event is not as obvious as slipping and falling or colliding with a piece of equipment, but it is just as important.  Specifically, injuries that happen over time involve repetitive motion, such as typing on a computer day after day or pulling a machine lever over and over.  Depending on the motion, it can result in muscle strains, back pain, vision issues and carpel tunnel syndrome.

Being Involved in a Highway Accident

Although most office workers do not have to worry about work-related highway accidents, truck drivers and others who drive for business do.  Highway truck and automobile accidents can result in serious injuries, including broken bones, brain injuries, severed limbs, paralysis and more.

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