8 Common Nurse And Healthcare Worker Accidents Scenarios in Mankato, Minnesota

If you’re a nurse or another type of healthcare professional, you probably realize that you are more at risk for a wide range of work injuries and illnesses than employees in other industries. Here are eight common healthcare worker accident scenarios, along with the importance of getting compensation for your financial losses and how… [read more]

New Ulm Area Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Any work-related injury in New Ulm, Minnesota, can have a significant impact on your life. Although you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, you may have a hard time obtaining the compensation you deserve to cover all your losses. This is based on the fact that the claim process, like any other legal process,… [read more]

Common Types of Workers Compensation Injures in Southern Minnesota

Thousands of Minnesota workers are injured on the job every year and file a workers’ compensation insurance claim.  This kind of insurance, required by all employers, is designed to help workers recover from work-related injuries. Workers’ compensation benefits usually cover medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitation services.  Minnesota also offers a death benefit for dependents… [read more]

Common Minnesota Work Injuries in Construction

OSHA has stated in the past that construction is one of the most dangerous industries in the country. Construction workers often find themselves working in environments with the potential for falls, electrocution, burns, and crush injury. They work among dangerous heavy equipment and sometimes in unstable environments such as trenches subject to collapse or… [read more]