Nurse And Healthcare Worker Accident Compensation

Nurses, certified nursing assistants, and other healthcare workers provide vital services to patients in hospitals and medical clinics. As such, their role in the healthcare industry can’t be underrated. However, the rigors of healthcare work often pose a challenge due to the increased risk of harm and injuries in the workplace. Putting it briefly,… [read more]

Is Skin Cancer Covered By Minnesota Worker’s Compensation?

Cancer is one of the most serious conditions that you can be diagnosed with because, for many, it is fatal. While you can form many different types of cancer, the most common is skin cancer, although luckily it is the most curable. There is no debate about what the cause of skin cancer is,… [read more]

Healthcare Worker’s Compensation Claims on the Rise in Southern Minnesota

While manufacturing is still Minnesota’s most dangerous job market for its workers, the area with most worker-related injuries on the rise in Southern Minnesota is actually one of its most vital areas – healthcare. Nurses and orderlies are vital to a functioning hospital or clinic, but with a growing generation of elderly and less… [read more]

Avoid Claim Denials When Minnesota Work Injuries Happen

When the Worker’s Compensation system works as intended, those injured at work while engaged in the duties of their job receive benefits. It is a “no-fault” system – workers are in not required to establish that negligence led to Minnesota work injuries. One reason that controversies about claims arise is that the insurance companies responsible… [read more]