Social Security Disability Benefits in Minnesota

Being disabled means a lot of things: trouble spending quality time with friends and family, trouble leaving your home, burdensome medical bills, and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. Additionally, being disabled often means being unable to work gainfully and consistently. If you are unable to work or struggling to keep working because of your… [read more]

The Impact of Forms on Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits in MN

If you have been diagnosed with a serious chronic illness or sustained a significant injury, then you might be considering filing for social security disability benefits in MN. However, you have also probably heard or read horror stories of those who have been fighting for years to get benefits, only to be rejected time… [read more]

Social Security Disability Benefits in Minnesota: A Need-Based Program

The financial safety net that is provided by the social security disability benefit program in Minnesota and elsewhere in the country is first and foremost a need-based that is only available to individuals with limited financial resources. A person’s failure to understand or account for this need-based aspect of the program can lead to serious legal… [read more]

Social Security Disability Benefits: What Disabled Minnesota Workers Need to Know

Being injured and unable to work can be a huge financial blow, so most people seek Social Security disability benefits. Often, disabled workers need help in wading through all the “red tape” that’s involved in the application process. What’s more, they especially need legal assistance if their claims are denied. If you have a… [read more]