Social Security Disability Benefits: What Disabled Minnesota Workers Need to Know

Being injured and unable to work can be a huge financial blow, so most people seek Social Security disability benefits. Often, disabled workers need help in wading through all the “red tape” that’s involved in the application process. What’s more, they especially need legal assistance if their claims are denied. If you have a… [read more]

Minnesota Workplace Injuries: Important Steps for Victims to Take

Besides causing physical and mental pain, workplace injuries can also create huge financial difficulties. Work-related injuries, which are conditions that are caused by employment activities, can cause immediate trauma or appear gradually. They also can be occupational illnesses. Here are a few of the most common types of workplace injuries in Minnesota, along with… [read more]

Many Types of Workers Compensation Injuries In Southern MN Lead To Benefits

When one thinks of being hurt on the job, common injuries like cuts, back injuries and joint injuries quickly come to mind. However, Minnesota Worker’s Compensation claims cover a wide range of physical mental and emotional injuries. Here are just some of the types of workers compensation injuries in Southern MN that often lead to… [read more]

Minnesota Work Injury: Why Should I Hire an Attorney?

Work related injuries are more common in certain industries; however, when they do occur, it is not uncommon for it to be a result of negligence on behalf of the employer. After being injured in a work related accident, you may be concerned about you medical bills, whether you will be let go from… [read more]