Minnesota Worker’s Compensation: Why should I hire an attorney?

If you have recently been injured in the line of work, it is likely that friends and family have suggested to you that you hire a worker’s compensation attorney. This has likely led you to ask questions such as “why should I hire an attorney?” The fact is that there are many reasons why… [read more]

Coping With An Independent Medical Exam (IME) Request and Workers Compensation Law

The Independent Medical Exam (IME) is often used by an insurance company to limit or deny workers compensation payments. Nonetheless, because the insurer has a statutory right to request an IME, worker attendance at this medical exam is usually mandatory. State law in Minnesota says, “The injured employee must submit to examination by the… [read more]

Why Should I Hire an Attorney for my Minnesota Workers Comp Claim?

When you suffer an on-the-job injury, you will likely have two interests in mind: getting compensation for your medical costs and lost wages, and getting back to work as quickly as possible. The worker’s compensation insurance system is designed to address those interests as quickly and efficiently as is possible. Your employer and its… [read more]

Mankato Workers Compensation Settlements Prevent Future Claims, Supreme Court Says

In Minnesota Work Comp Settlements may be good for workers in the short-term, but the law tends to prevent post-settlement claims for ongoing treatment or treatments for new symptoms. This is the effect of a recent Minnesota Supreme Court ruling. Options After a Workplace Injury After a serious workplace accident, you will face medical bills, lost… [read more]