Minnesota Work Injuries: What Happens if You Sustain a Head Injury?

If you’ve ever known someone with a serious head injury, you realize how life-changing it is. From the boy who gets pegged in the head by a soccer ball to the lineman who falls from a telephone pole, a head injury takes things to another level: sometimes a traumatic brain injury. This kind of injury affects a person’s entire way of… [read more]

Protecting Injured Employee Rights

There are a number of laws requiring employers to maintain a safe and healthy work environment for their employees. However, it is important for employees to understand that the workers compensation system is not based on claims of negligence. That is, Minnesota’s Workers Compensation laws apply whether an employer was negligent or not. Breadth… [read more]

Affected by Minnesota Work Injuries? Now What?

When you suffer an on-the-job injury, your first responsibility is to ensure you get medical attention if it is necessary. Once you have obtained the necessary medical care, you should file a report with your immediate supervisor. Make sure you keep a record of who you reported the incident to and the date of… [read more]

Social Security Disability Benefits in Minnesota: A Need-Based Program

The financial safety net that is provided by the social security disability benefit program in Minnesota and elsewhere in the country is first and foremost a need-based that is only available to individuals with limited financial resources. A person’s failure to understand or account for this need-based aspect of the program can lead to serious legal… [read more]